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[Meeting Report ] #184 January 20

posted Jan 22, 2018, 2:15 AM by VTMC Admin
[Number of guests]      1

[Word of the evening]   To-die-for

[Table Topics]
Q1: What was the event you have prepared the most?
-> EW: Her daughter’s birthday.
Q2: Have you ever done any surprise (e.g. flashmob) to someone? If not, would you like to do it?
-> ES: Yes, done when her colleague left her company.
Q3: What do you do not to catch cold?
->YT: Basically, nothing in particular, but her husband once ate a big beef steak at midnight to shake it off.
Q4: What do you think about the cultural difference that the Japanese wear masks, but foreign people don’t?
-> AM: Surprised at first, but got to understand that wearing masks meant caring about people around you.
Q5: Do you have any unique way to recover from cold?
-> YU: Sleep well. It is important to have enough rest.

[Prepared Speeches]
     Project #8 “Get comfortable with visual aids"
     Title: “Still Care About Cicadas"
     Digest: Interesting and academic speech about “magicicadas”
     Project #2 “Organize your speech"
     Title: “Walk the Talk"
     Digest: Well organized and sincere speech about his new year resolution.
     Project #6 “Vocal Variety"
     Title: “The Language You Use"
     Digest: A view about the relationships between personal characters and language.

[Award Results]
Best Table Topic Speaker: AM
Best Evaluator:                   YT
Best Speaker:                     CH

3rd Feb: In-house contest
11th March: Area contest
31st March - 1st April: Outing

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