VTMC membership requirements

Toastmasters is open to everyone of 18 years of age or more, who is interested in improving their communication and leadership skills together in a friendly and supportive environment. In addition to that, VTMC requires members to have basic knowledge of the English language due to the nature of us being an English-only Toastmasters Club. Toastmasters is NOT meant to be an English conversation school but a Club focused on improving English speech and leadership skills. There is no Japanese language support in our meetings, and all manuals and other learning materials are in English. Communication outside our meetings which is done via an emailing list, is also in English. Therefore, it is required of all its members basic level of English language skills so that the focus of the Club can be maintained.


1.Have English language skill certification equivalent to TOEIC 600 or higher (for non-native speakers)

(Between the 2nd and pre-1st grade in STEP test (Eiken)). It is the level where you can communicate (written and spoken) in business with native speakers without using dictionaries,and be able to read popular newspapers or magazines (such as Newsweek, The Times, Wall Street Journal etc) without translating them in Japanese. There is no requirement for overseas experience.

2. Is 18 years of age or more

3. Have an interest in improving English communication and leadership skills

4. Have visited our meetings as a guest at least twice

If you are interested, how about visiting us as a guest for a start? Our meetings are always upbeat and fun and we always welcome guests to join us! It will allow you to grasp if our Club is a good fit for you before making a decision to join us.

Consider bilingual Clubs

If the Toastmasters concept appeal to you, but you think that you might want to join a Club with lower English skills requirement, or that you want to practise your Japanese communication skills at the same time, we would recommend that you consider joining a bilingual Toastmasters Club, where you can practise both English and Japanese speeches. Most bilingual Toastmasters Clubs do not have basic language requirements, and they provide both Japanese and English versions of the manuals and other learning materials. You can take a look at the list of available bilingual Toastmasters Clubs recommended by VTMC.