About Visionaries Toastmasters Club (VTMC)

Located in Musashi-Kosugi, Kawasaki, ranked as #1 popular residential area in the Greater Tokyo Area (survey by CHINTAI, 2006), Visionaries Toastmasters Club (VTMC) aims to help people who already has basic English skills to improve their communication and leadership skills and envision a brighter future in their career, family, community and other aspects of life.

VTMC has the following features:

1. VTMC is the first English Toastmasters Club in Japan which requires a certain level of English abilities of its members. We set English skill standards so that we are able to focus on communicating in English, and not on learning the basics of the English language.

2. VTMC is the first English-only Toastmasters Club in the city of Kawasaki. It is also the second Toastmasters Club in Musashi-Kosugi and the fourth Club in Kawasaki city, together with Bilingual and Japanese-only Clubs. The city did not have any Clubs until 2004, but it is now one of the fastest-growing areas for Toastmasters activities in Japan.

3. We are a Non-Profit Organization (NPO), where we learn through the feedback from other members instead of having a teacher in a classroom. The initial fee is 3,000 yen including speech manuals, and the monthly dues are 1,000 yen per month, which will cover the room fees and other operational costs. All Club officers fulfill their roles as volunteers.

4. Our meetings are designed to be not only educational, but also entertaining. For example, we have many events other than the regular meetings, such as speech contests, joint meetings with other Toastmasters Clubs and after-meeting parties. Participation in these events are basically optional, so you can enjoy yourself and learn at your own pace.

We always welcome guests and new members. If you are interested, you are more than welcome to visit us!