About the foundation of VTMC

Post date: May 2, 2010 1:08:17 AM

Ami Fujiyama, the founding President of Visionaries Toastmasters Club, started her career as a builder of Toastmasters Clubs in 2004 when she launched her first Toastmasters Club in Musashi-Kosugi (Musashi-Kosugi Toastmasters Club, different one from VTMC). VTMC will be the first English Toastmasters Club whose establishment she will be involved in, after building eleven Toastmasters Clubs in Tokyo/Kanagawa area either as a Club sponsor or a mentor.

The founding officers consist of four experienced members of Toastmasters. Two are Distinguished Toastmasters (highest recognition in Toastmasters educational program) and the others are also close to achieving the DTM designation.

All the four members have experience in belonging to English Clubs. Most of them have experience in living abroad.

One of them is a past District Governor with experience in building English Clubs.

Because our Club is based on a new concept (advanced community Toastmasters Club), we spent a lot of time on designing the vision and details of the Club.

We would like to make our Club grow so that it can be the leading example of a Toastmasters Club in Japan which follows the global standard.

We would like to show our Club to visitors to Japan from around the world, proudly saying "This is what Toastmasters Club in Japan is like."

(Meeting image - picture from Kawasaki Toastmasters Club)