About the town of Musashi-Kosugi

Post date: May 2, 2010 1:25:58 AM

Visionaries Toastmasters Club is located in Musashi-Kosugi (Kawasaki City of Kanagawa Prefecture). Being close to both Tokyo and Yokohama, two of the largest metropolitan areas of Japan, the town of Musashi-Kosugi was ranked as the "best place to live in the Greater Tokyo Area" in 2006. Toastmasters movement has been rapidly growing in Kawasaki these days, and VTMC is the fourth Club in the city.

Kanagawa Prefecture has the second largest number of Toastmasters Clubs in all the prefectures of Japan.

Though the number of Clubs is lower than Tokyo, it is the area which keeps the most authentic culture of Toastmasters following the global standards in both English and Japanese. Many national speech champions, prominent District leaders and Club builders in the past were from Kanagawa.

The founder of VTMC is originally from the Musashi-Kosugi area. With the established foundation of Toastmasters in the local community and ideal access to Japan's most populated areas, we believe that Musashi-Kosugi should be the best place for defining the new concept of English Toastmasters Clubs in Japan.