Detailed Report for the Meeting on December 3 (meeting #36)

Post date: Jan 8, 2012 1:27:44 PM

On 3rd of December, Visionaries Toastmasters Club (VTMC) regular meeting #36 was taken place at Nakahara Shimin-kan which was attended by two first-time guests.

The meeting started with Word of the Evening as usual and TM U_ma introduced the word “pleasurable”. Then the entire meeting was conducted by TM M_ma as second time TMOE. The meeting was supported by Timer, which was taken care of by TM U_ma, who generously took double role, President I_ki worked as GrAhCo (Grammarian & Ah Counter), and TM U_no took a role of Vote Counter for his first time.

TM M_ma gave a Thought of the Evening speech. The speech was purposely connected to later session for introducing the prepared speakers. Then TM D_na made a Joke Master speech. It’s been a long time since we had a Joke Master last time.

Next, TM M_da conducted the Table Topics Session as a first-timer, and TM U_ma, TM I_shi, TM U_no and a guest Mr. Na_ma made impromptu speeches. TM M_da made the session interesting by using a pie chart and each topic was something about percentages.

There were three prepared speakers.

The first speaker was TM M_ri. His speech title was “The Main Interest in My Life,” which was Project#1 from Competent Communication Manual; The Ice Breaker. This was the second time Project #1 speech for him, but he gave his speech at VTMC for the first time.

The second speech was given by TM K_ta. He titled his speech as “Breakthrough,” which was Project #4 from Competent Communication Manual; How to Say It. He talked about innovative techniques used for airplanes.

TM L_e was the last speaker. Since he uses Advanced Communication Manual, he made longer speech than others. His project was #3; Sell a Product and speech title was “’MythikLysmic’ – It Happens Oct 13th, 2013.” He promoted an imaginary performance event as if it will happen on the date he showed.

After an intermission, TM M_chi conducted a marvelous Evaluation Session, which was supported by evaluators of TM G_to and TM Na_ta, who performed very well, especially TM G_to, who was the first-timer and the third evaluator was General Evaluator herself. Although TM M_chi was really busy with her double role, she did excellent job.

Prizes were awarded to …

TM U_ma (Best Table Topic Speaker)

TM G_to (Best Evaluator)

TM L_e (Best Speaker)

There was an election of VPPR after the regular meeting session and TM K_shi was elected as a member of new officers.

Our next meeting will be Christmas featured and the last one of this year. Please note that the place will be at Techno Kawasaki near the Mizonokuchi Station, not the usual Nakahara Shimin-kan.