Detailed report for the meeting on December 4

Post date: Dec 14, 2010 2:58:43 PM

We had the Evaluation Workshop on Dec 4. The lecturer was TM W-da from Atsugi-zama TMC and the workshop was very significant and useful for us. TM Y-yama gave a wonderful model speech. The workshop was planned in detail. TM W-da mentioned mental attitude and preparation for speech evaluations that can be made a few days before the meeting. And he explained ways to prepare for an evaluation before the meeting, how to evaluate during the speech and after the meeting. And then he talked about how to organize evaluation speech. He also introduced appropriate usage and many other useful expressions for evaluation. After that TM Y-yama gave a model speech (target speech that the workshop participants evaluate). We were divided into the group of 4-5 and evaluated the speech one by one and then 3 members gave good evaluation speeches. Finally, we had Q&A session.I was TMOE(Toastmaster of the Evening) of the meeting and learned a lot of things from the workshop. I thought it took time to improve evaluation skill but I would challenge evaluating as much as possible.(TM T-gi, Visionaries TMC)Our next meeting will be held on December 18. Guests are welcome to attend us as observers!