Detailed Report for the Meeting on January 21 (meeting #39)

Post date: Feb 12, 2012 12:00:23 AM

39th regular meeting of the Visionaries Toastmasters Club (VTMC) held successfully on 21st January 2012 at Nakahara Shiminkan meeting room. Three guests were present.

The word of the evening, “marvelous”, was introduced by TM G-to and it was used frequently by the speakers as well as other role takers. TM Pe-la took control of the meeting as the TMOE (toastmaster of the evening) while TM T-chi, TM Da-na, TM Ma-da and TM Mu-ma performed the helping roles of timer, grammarian, ‘ah’ counter and vote counter respectively.

The role of joke master made its return after a long silence and TM Mi-chi did a wonderful job entertaining the audience using dual-meaning words.

The table topics session was conducted by TM M-ri and his preparation and effort were clearly visible from the five interesting questions TM M-ri asked from speakers. After each speech TM M-ri did not forget to add TM M-ri’is own comments to the questions asked, which enabled two way communication.

The meeting brightened up with four prepared speeches.

The first speaker, TM Ma-da, gave a speech, titled “English, without preference”, completing project #3 of New Basic Manual. TM Ma-da expressed his view on the role English plays in the current day today life, and in especially on his life events.

The second prepared speech was given by TM Mi-ta. TM Mi-ta finished project #4 of New basic Manual with the speech title “a coin”. It was an interesting speech, which described the origin of the five yen coin and how it blended with the Japanese society.

TM Ya-ra, as the third speaker, gave an exciting speech about one of the characters TM Ya-ra admires. TM Ya-ra’s speech title was “the adventures of Yaiya” and it focused on the objectives of project #5 of New Basic Manual.

With the speech title, “long seeking”, TM Ma-to, the fourth speaker, shared the story about a movie TM Ma-to watched recently. TM Ma-to completed project #6 of New Basic Manual.

The speeches were very well prepared and it was a wonderful opportunity for the audience to listen to very good speeches.

After intermission, TM Ka-ta conducted the evaluation session. The four speeches were evaluated by TM Ko-shi, TM Dr-n, TM O-mi and Mo-to respectively. All four evaluations reflected their personalized opinions, while critically assessing the speeches according to the project objectives. After the reports from the grammarian and the ah counter TM Ka-ta gave a wonderful general evaluation about the overall setting of the meeting.

Awards presentation

The best table topics winner: TM I-ki

The best evaluation winner: TM Dr-n

The best speakers: TM Ya-ra and TM Mi-ta

All in all it was a fantastic meeting, where everyone did a very good job. All the role takers were present, which made life easy for the TMOE. It was nice to see that the prepared speeches covered four different aspects of the New Basic Manual. As the TMOE I would like express my sincere gratitude to everyone who joined hands for making the meeting a success.