Detailed Report for the Meeting on January 7 (meeting #38)

Post date: Feb 11, 2012 11:59:29 PM

Visionaries Toastmasters Club (VTMC) the 38th regular meeting was successfully held at Nakahara Shiminkan on Jan 7, 2012 with 3 guests.

With the celebration of New Year, we had an Induction Ceremony for TM Y_gi.

It was a good omen for our club!

President TM I_ki’s strong and vigorous greetings encouraged all attendants to make sure that this meeting would be very successful.

TM K-ta introduced “Relish” as the word of evening, then TM M-chi started to control the meeting as TMOE (ToastMaster of the Evening) with her hope of that the dragon year will become fruitful for every member.

She introduced three helpers, Timer- TM M-ta, Grammarian TM M-ma, Votecounter TM M-da, and Ah-counter TM O-mi.

At First, TM M-ri performed as Thought of the Evening.

Next, Table Topic session started. The Topicmaster, TM N-ta well controlled Table Topic session with 4 interesting questions; Memories of Otoshidama by TM M-ma (1:42), Favorite New Year Food by TM M-ta (1:41), Childhood memory about new year by TM M-da (2:10), and Shrine and Temple by TM Y-gi (2:29)

We had four prepared speeches;

Speech #1 “ New Year’s Resolutions ” TM U-no (Time:5;50) New Basic Manual Project 1 “The Ice Breaker”

Speaker #2: “Kangaroos Don't Bite” TM L-gue (Time:6;04) Advanced Manual 'Story Telling'. Project #3 The Moral of the Story

Speaker #3 "Why I run” TM K-shi (Time:7;29) New Basic Manual Project 5 “Your Body Speaks”

Speaker #4: “For the Others” TM J-ra (Time:7;52) New Basic Manual Project 4 “How to say it”

All speeches were well organized and the audiences relished them.

After intermission, the evaluation session was conducted by General Evaluator, TM M-da.

Evaluation 1 was TM Y-to (Time:3;54), Evaluation 2 TM I-ki (Time:3;23) Evaluation 3 TM M-wa (Time:2;42) and Evaluation 4 TM M-to (Time:3;43)

Each evaluator gave their comments with positive and encouraging ways.

Award Presentation:

The best table topics winner: TM M-ta

The best evaluation winner: TM M-wa

The best speech winner: TM L-gue and TM U-no

The meeting was closed with the cheerful atmosphere as always.

“Happy New Year!”

Thank you for attendance of many guests.