Detailed report for the meeting on November 20

Post date: Dec 1, 2010 3:10:33 PM

TM T-chi also gave her second speech. Taking an example from her friend's experience in learning English and Mary Poppins' song "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious", she suggested the audience to use songs as an entrance for language curiosity, winning the Best Speaker award.The third speaker was our Vice President Education TM N-chi. Entitled "Can you keep a secret !?", she challenged a difficult project to speak in front of a hostile audience where she has to talk about something unfavorable to them and receive questions. As an advanced speaker she handled the situation well on the issue of ensuring information security. The speeches were handled by two fresh and one experienced evaluators. As new members start to make speeches multiple times and pick up roles such as the Evaluator and Table Topics Master, we could clearly see the progress in their skills! The after-meeting gettogether was also well-attended, including both of the first-time guests.Our next meeting will be held on December 4, featuring a workshop on evaluations by TM Wada from our Sponsor Club Atsugi-Zama Toastmasters Club, who is a great role model on this subject. As usual, guests are welcome to attend!

On November 20, Visionaries Toastmasters Club meeting #12 took place at Nakahara Shimin-kan. We happily welcomed TM K-shi as our latest member, and now we will need only three more members before our Club gets officially approved to our Club (a.k.a. "charter")! We also welcomed two first-time guests.There were three prepared speeches for the evening. TM S-ki made his second speech. Specializing in music, he introduced Bach's music, his change in attitude toward it and its attractions he found out after he started to work.