Detailed report for the meeting on October 16

Post date: Oct 27, 2010 10:25:34 PM

Yet another productive regular-meeting of Visionaries Toastmasters Club, VTMC, took place 16 October 2010

at the same place as usual, i.e. Nakahara Civic Hall (Shimin-Kan), at the same time of from 17:30 to 19:30 hour.

There were 4 Toastmaster-guests, who are supposed to be supporters or helpers, 3 second-time guests, who are seriously considering to become members, and 6 first-time guests, who are hopefully potential prospect members.The meeting was called to order by President, TM F_ma exactly on time, followed by a well-organized business portion, including induction ceremony of the very new member TM Ms. Ta_ka.There will be only 8 new members to go before Visionaries Toastmasters Club is officially chartered and recognized by the World Headquarters as a club of sufficient membership.An educational portion was chaired by TM I_ki; everything was rapidly moving and remain interesting.TM Prof. P_ins played more than one roles, which are GrAhCo, i.e. Grammarian and Ah-Uh-Counter plus General Evaluator.TM M_ma was Timer, and the newest member TM Ms. Ta_ka bravely took a role of Vote Counter.Table Topics are professionally conducted by TM D_na, who asked 4 questions relating to "dream" to 4 participants, who all responded with answers with valuable ideas without prior preparations; they are Mr. Ja_ra, TM M_ta, TM-guest I_shi, and TM T_chi.The speech 1 was entitled "Just find the people you can get along," by TM T_chi, based upon The Competent Communication Manual, a.k.a. "basic manual," Project 1 "The Ice Breaker; which means her very first prepared speech in front of club members.

The speech 2 was entitled "The lesson I learned from Michael," by TM S_ki, based upon the same project of Ice-Breaker, which again means his very first speech project before the members.

The speech 8 was entitled "Warming up your winter Japanese winter in the 21st century way," by TM F_ma, based upon Project 8, "Get Comfortable with Visual Aids," where she tactfully delivered a "show-and-tell" type public speaking, describing various useful items to make your winter life comfortable; this speech is intended to be an example for the planned special meeting with special theme of showing and describing something traditional for home countries of each speaker so that members can get to know each other better and can enjoy cross-culture gatherings.

The speech 4 was entitled "Why don`t you join 'Virtual Toastmasters Club," TM I_shi, who has come from another Toastmasters Club, based upon Project 9, Persuade with Power, where he used a screen and computer projector in a skillful way.After an intermission, General Evaluator, TM Prof. P_ins conducted an sophisticated "Evaluation Portion," with 4 evaluators; i.e. TM I_shi, TM F_ma, TM M_ta, and TM W_be, a supporter.Best Table Topic Award went to Mr. Ja_ra,Best Evaluator Award went to TM W_be, andBest Speaker Award went to TM T_chi.Just before Adjournment, a supporter and 3 second-time guests declared they are willing to become members of Visionaries Toastmasters Club. How exciting!Quite a few participant went to a pub to discuss and celebrate this successful result over the beer. Our "charter" is just around the corner!