Detailed report for the tenth meeting on October 30

Post date: Nov 3, 2010 10:44:45 PM

The regular-meeting of Visionaries Toastmasters Club, VTMC, took place 30 October 2010 at the same place as usual, i.e. Nakahara Civic Hall (Shimin-Kan), at the same time of from 18:00 to 20:00 hour.

Even though typhoon was coming, there were 3 Toastmaster-guests, who are supposed to be supporters or helpers, 1 second-time guests, who are seriously considering to become members, and 3 first-time guests, who are hopefully potential prospect members.The meeting was called to order by Vice President, TM N_chi exactly on time, followed by a well-organized business portion.There will be only 7 new members to go before Visionaries Toastmasters Club is officially chartered and recognized by the World Headquarters as a club of sufficient membership.TM S_ki played the role of GrAhCo, which means Grammarian and Ah-Uh-Counter. TM T_ka was Timer, and TM Guest, F_ra took a role of Vote Counter.Before Table Topics Session, TM N_chi delivered "Tips for Table Topics" for VTMC members, which would improve our Table Topics skills!Table Topics are professionally conducted by TM N_chi, who asked 5 questions relating to "haphazard situation" to 5 participants.After Table Topics session, TM I_ki conducted "Evaluation for Table Topics", which told us the useful techniques as well as TM N_chi when we were apointed out as Table Topics speech.The speech 1 was entitled "Some thoughts on the disaster in Chile," by TM Y_ma, based upon The Competent Communication Manual, a.k.a. "basic manual," Project 2 "Organize Your Speech". The transition of speech from one topic to another is very smoothly, which fit to the project.The speech 2 was entitled "Is it myth or not," by TM M_ma, based upon the same project of "Organize Your Speech", delivered a speech related to the myth of dicease most of us believe in our normal life.After an intermission, General Evaluator, TM Prof. I_ki conducted an splendid "Evaluation Portion," with 2 evaluators; i.e. TM TM T_gi and TM D_na.Best Table Topic Award went to Mr. M_ma, a guest,Best Evaluator Award went to TM T_gi, andBest Speaker Award went to TM Y_ma.

At business session, the induction ceremony of TM N_ya was held, who used to be another ToastMasters club.Just before Adjournment, a second-time guest and another ToastMasters guest declared they are willing to become members of Visionaries Toastmasters Club. How exciting!Quite a few participant went to a pub to discuss and celebrate this successful result over the beer. After the party, typhoon had already passed like celebrating the successfule meeting. Our "charter" is just within reach!