Detailed report of our second meeting

Post date: Jul 18, 2010 6:05:35 AM

The second regular meeting of Visionaries Toastmasters club took place July 17, 2010, at "Takatsu Shimin-kan" in front of Mizonokuchi Station. There were sixteen attendees including three second-time non-Toastmaster guests plus two first-time non-Toastmaster guests.

Our Club President Ami called the meeting to order 18:00 hour sharp followed by a well-organized business portion, during which a motion was moved and carried to induct two gentlemen who both has long standing Toastmasters experiences. Their induction ceremony was lead by our Vice-President in a warm yet formal way.The Toastmaster of the Evening chaired the educational portion comprising "Thought of the Evening," Table Topics, three prepared speeches and an Evaluation portion. TM H_ta gave an inspirational Thought of the Evening based upon her own experience winning All-Japan Speech Contest in Japanese.TM H_shi, Immediate Past President of Kanagawa Toastmasters Club chaired the Table Topics, which is a code meaning impromptu speeches. Five participants successfully responded to five questions relating to five different human emotion, respectively.

The first prepared speech was given by our Club President Ami, who showed dreams and schemes to make effective communication and leadership reality throughout our Nation.

The second prepared speech was given by Professor B_ce P_ns based upon Toastmasters Workshop package named "Better Speaker Series," and relating to "Selecting Your Topic."The third prepared speech was given by a helping Toastmaster from another Club, i.e. TM A_ko, featuring her experience to compete in an English speech contest during her school age.

After ten minutes intermission an experienced helping Toastmaster from another Club, i.e. K_ko chaired the Evaluation Session, where three evaluators gave a constructive yet friendly feedback to the three prepared speeches, respectively.

After the enjoyable yet productive meeting, most of people went to a socialization and enjoy conversation over beer.

The evaluators, K_nako, T_zo, and K_nio, commented strengths and room for improvement in an honest way based upon deep analysis. The best Table Topics participant was K_nako, the best evaluator was K_nio, and the best prepared speaker was A_ko and Ami.The last session was comments by our guest, during such time all three second-time non-Toastmaster guests showed their willingness to join our club, which is really pleasant surprise for all club officers.