Detailed report of the seventh meeting

Post date: Sep 23, 2010 10:49:39 PM

On September 18th, Visionaries Toastmasters Club (VTMC) held its seventh meeting. Thankfully, we welcomed 5 Toastmasters guests and 3 non-Toasmasters guests. All guests made very positive comments at the end of the meeting. It was great to hear those voices.

The meeting began with a productive opening remark from Vice President Education, TM N_chi. It was followed by an induction ceremony. Mr. S_ki became a member of VTMC! He is very motivated, so we are looking forward to the interaction with him.We had then good table topics speeches, improvisational skits, and three prepared speeches.The Table Topics session was conducted by TM F_ra. He picked up four famous athletes, Ichiro, Ryo Ishikawa, Hakuho, and Zaccheroni, and asked to talk about them. He prepared good pictures of these people, which helped speakers a lot.The Improvisational Skits session was a new challenge. Two members were assigned roles and played an instant skit. It was indeed a difficult challenge, but all members did an amazingly good job.

The first prepared speech was made by TM M_ma. The title was "There is no shortcut." She talked about a couple of important occasions which had influenced her carrier a lot. We got to know her much better than before because of the speech. It was a really nice Ice-breaker speech.The second speech was made by TM P_ns. The title was "Vocal Punctuation." He actually pronounced punctuations, such as comma, dash, and quotation marks. It was like pop-music! Amazing! The last speech was delivered by TM K_chi. The title was "Children are Cool." She indicated how children were smart and cool by describing many incidents. It was so funny and emotional. She won the first place! Congratulations!Experienced evaluators gave very positive and constructive comments on each speech. Thanks for the great job.We have many guests and new members at every meeting. This surely stimulates the activity and increases its quality. Wereally wish Visionaries Toastmasters Club will provide valuable and fun learning opportunities to all members and guests!

(by TM W_be)