Detailed report of Visionaries Toastmasters Club (VTMC) fourth regular meeting.

Post date: Aug 17, 2010 10:44:08 PM

Our fourth regular meeting was held at Nakahara Shimin -Kaikan room #1 on August 7th, 2010.

There were more than 20 attendees including two non-Toastmasters guests those who were third time visit to our club. A motion was moved and carried that two visitors were inducted into VTMC and became our club members.

Their Induction Ceremony was lead by our Vice President Membership in a warm yet formal way as usual.

President Fujiyama called the meeting to order 18:00 hour sharp.President stated in figure that our present position for reaching target of charter club.At the beginning, the program was a bit behind the schedule (about 10 minutes at first half) however Toastmaster of the Evening (TMOE) comprised whole program under the schedule toward the end.As for the Timer, Vote Counter and Grammarian/ Word of the evening, these roles were assigned to the brand-new members though it was just one week short notice, with the guide book of each role by Vice President Education. However they fully digested its meaning and carried out effectively their responsibilities. They were all supportive and admirable club members, indeed.Table Topics, which is a code meaning impromptu speech. Table Topics master selected seasonal topics which are timely good and questions were very clear. Five participants successfully responded to five questions. One out of five repliers was non-Toastmaster guest, a friend of experienced another club and first experience for Toastmasters, but she made an excellent answer. She was selected as the best Table Topics Speaker winner.

As for Joke master, all participants laughed about his natural gesture especially facial expressions and his attractive voice control. It was our first chance to take up the item of Tips from the Toastmasters magazine which was lead by our Vice President Membership. It was exactly informative opportunities to learn from the magazine especially for new club members.The first prepared speech was given by a helping Toastmaster from another Club, i.e. Tsukuba TMC, TM Y_da, Speech Title, "Early bird catches…" Featuring his personal experience when he was living in Laos for his work and his impressive encounter while he was running early in the morning every day.The second speech was given by a helping from another Club, i.e.Tokyo International TMC, TM M_ka, Speech Title, "Shall we Laugh?"Introducing "Laughing Yoga". She was not a Yoga teacher but she demonstrated us like a real Yoga instructor how to keep positions, breathing. All audiences were convulsed with laughter. She was a good entertainer, indeed.

The third prepared speech was given by a helping from another Club also, i.e. Kanagawa TMC, TM H_shi, Speech Title, Soft Landing? Featuring his personal experience with Sky diving. The speech was a conversation with a diving instructor and his landing position in the high sky. TM H_shi realistically performed his terrified mind situation but his gesture was smooth and natural. So that, all audiences were thrown into the atmosphere, as if we were flying in the sky looking down for the landing target place.After ten minutes intermission, an experienced our club member, Professor B_ce chaired the Evaluation Session as General Evaluator, where three evaluators gave a constructive yet friendly feedback to the three prepared speeches, respectively.It was really good at the motto of "Evaluate to motivate" session. Thanks a lot, TM B_ce, for evaluating all over the meeting.Award Presentation,

The best Table Topics winner: Visitor Ms S_koThe best Evaluator winner: TM T_kiThe best Speaker winner: TM H_shi The last session was comments by our guests; they showed their interest in our Club.The best TT winner expressed her appreciation and showed her willingness to visit again for joining our club. This was really pleasant surprise for all club officers.After the enjoyable yet productive meeting, most of people went socialization and enjoyed conversation, so called Drinking session at the Izakaya Watami.