Detailed reports of our sixth meeting

Post date: Sep 7, 2010 3:16:05 PM

On September 4, Visionaries Toastmasters Club (VTMC) held its sixth meeting. We welcomed three Toastmasters guests and four non-Toasmasters guests on the day.

The meeting began with an induction ceremony. Ms. S_ko, who applied for membership at VTMC in the last meeting after visiting us three times, became a member. Our Club is growing bigger and bigger every meeting!The meeting featured a unique table topics, two Icebreaker speeches and two advanced speeches.The Table Topics session (impromptu speech session) was conducted by TM Ku_o. He assumed that our Club meeting is a board meeting of a company to produce noodles. Then he asked the participants questions like "How do you ensure quality as a production manager?" "How do you promote our company's CSR effort as a PR manager?" etc. The topic was really insightful, reflecting the characteristics of VTMC members who were mostly businesspeople or ex-businesspeople and had curiosity in current issues.In the first two prepared speeches, TM To__ro and TM K_ji did their very first speeches to talk about themselves (Icebreakers). TM To__ro described the "lessons of life" he experienced through his experience in playing rock music in his high school days. TM K_ji talked about his long-time friends he met when he was working abroad, their interactions and what such friendship meant to him in his long career.In the last two speeches, TM Ka__ko spoke about her unique experience when the homestay company she was turning to suddenly broke down while she was still homestaying in the U.S. TM Ami gave a report on the current statistics on Toastmasters, then proposed that the Club number should be increased exponentially in order to accomodate increasing needs and also support Japan's future from the human capital perspective. All the speeches were evaluated by expereinced evaluators.At the end of the meeting, Mr. K_ta, our second-time visitor, declared his membership at VTMC. His membership will certainly give even more color to our upcoming meetingsOur next meeting will be on September 18. Guests are more than welcome to come.Click here for more information about our meeting!Click here for making a reservation for visiting our upcoming meetings!