Details of the first meeting on July 3

Post date: Jul 13, 2010 3:57:29 PM

The first meeting of Visionaries Toastmasters Club was held on July 3.

With the extensive PR effort by all the officers of the Club, we were able to welcome 27 participants including five guests who were not yet members of Toastmasters and TM R_kyle, all-Japan speech champion for this year.

After the opening remarks by TM Ami, President, TM Tamaki, our Vice President Education, emceed the whole meeting as the Toastmaster of the Day.

TM Yuko and TM S_taro made their short speeches as Thought of the Day and Jokemaster respectively. They were followed by Table Topics, impromptu speech session which is a tradition of Toastmasters. TM Mika emceed the session, asking questions on "first-time experience". Mr. T_zo was chosen as the Best Table Topics speaker, who answered the question "If you write your first book in life, what would it be all about?"Now that the atmosphere was warmed up, the prepared speech session began.

The first speaker was TM M_yuko, who gave her first speech in English. Titled "Harmony that touched my heart", she spoke her favorites and the experience of getting herself to recovery from stress in Canada through joining gospel choir.

The second speaker was TM T_yuki, who spoke about how to distinguish real hot springs in Japan from "fake" or "dangerous" hot springs, achieving the Best Speaker Award from the three speakers.The third speaker was TM G_ce, who spoke about her bitter experience abroad when she lent money to her neighbor in the same apartment.A special speech was conducted by TM R_kyle after that. TM R_kyle amazed the audience by delivering his first practice speech for the World Convention, where he speaks to compete in the World Champion of Public Speaking. A feedback sheet was distributed to every participant so that they could give constructive feedback to TM R_kyle.All the speeches were evaluated by experienced evaluators. TM B_ce, who evaluated TM R_kyle's speech, achieved the Best Evaluator Award.Overall the meeting was very well-received by most of the participants, with many guests expressing their willingness to come to the following meetings. An optional after-meeting gettogether was held after the formal meeting was over, and the participants there enjoyed the "second party" getting to know each other.Our second meeting will be held this Saturday, July 17. The meeting venue is Takatsu Shimin-kan near the Mizonokuchi Station, instead of Nakahara Shimin-kan.Guests are more than welcome to visit our meetings. For more information of our meetings, click here!To register your seat as a visitor(observer), click here!