Extra! Overnight Outing for Ito!! (3/31 - 4/1)

Post date: Apr 8, 2018 2:43:51 PM

At Visionaries Toastmasters Club, we meet twice a month on the first and third Saturdays.

This month, we met even for the third time on the fourth Saturday, March 31...and stayed overnight!!

Our outing took place in Ito, a hot spring resort on the east coast of Izu peninsula.

Nice weather, nice food, nice people, and nice arragements! We even played Jenga at length after dinner till late....

We all got up early enough next morning for the special workshop session! How disciplined we were!

[DAY 1]

[Word of the day] Turn over a new leaf

[Table Topics]

Q1: How do you deal with difficult challenges?

->MK: When it comes to a meeting, he negotiates with members before the meeting.

Q2: What is your memorable outing event in life?

->SS: A basket ball match with other high school.

Q3: Where do you recommend others to visit in their life?

->SK: Could not choose, but heaven or hell would be nice if possible to prepare for a future journey.

Q4: Where is your best place in your daily life?

->TK: My bed!

Q5: What are things we should avoid in our life?

->HS: To be two serious. It makes you narrow minded.

Q6: If we can choose a forever life, will you choose that?

->YO: Forever, because it will expand his possibility.

[Prepared Speeches]


Pathways Project #1 “Ice breaker”

Title: “There girls are marriage materials“

Digest: Story of her life from high school to marriage with her partner.


Project #9 “Persuade with power”

Title: “Conflict resolution“

Digest: Practical explanation of how to deal with conflicts using his real experience in business situation.


Advanced manual ‘The Entertaining Speaker’ #1

Title: “Yoga, Part2“

Digest: Introduction of Yoga doing an actual movement with audience. (7:26)


Pathways Project #1 “Ice breaker”

Title: “Process of Elimination“

Digest: Story of his life in terms of decision making, which is elimination. (5:53)

[Award Results]

Best Table Topic speaker: TK

Best Evaluator: YT

Best Speaker: RS


15th April: Division Contest

28th April: Running event

3rd May: Pathways start


Special Workshop. Very proressionally couducted by YO. Passionate yet organized discussion lasted for more than 2 hours!

Interested? Visionaries Toastmasters Club always looks forward to having you in our meeting.

For more details, please feel free to contact us on: visionaries-guest@googlegroups.com