[Meeting Report] #122 July 4th(Sat)

Post date: Jul 5, 2015 2:51:14 PM

Hello everyone! From July 1st, we started a new Toastmasters-year (July 2015 to June 2016) and new officer members assumed their leadership roles in Visionaries TMC. We had lots of changes going on, but of course, we will be reporting our activities on this website as ever.

The regular meeting # 122 was held at Nakahara Shimin-kan in Musashi Kosugi on July 4th, and we had 4 wonderful guests. As we had an officer installation ceremony at the end of the meeting, the meeting was bit shorter but exciting as always.

During the table topics session, TM S.K. asked interesting questions related to July 1st, the timing at which 6 months have passed this year”. One nice question was regarding “leap second” and he asked “If you can add a “leap 10 minutes” whenever you want, what will you spend the time for?” and TM Y.M. made a thoughtful speech for that question and won the Table Topic Award.

In the prepared speech session, we had three speakers and all speakers made wonderful speeches. TM B.L. gave the speech, named “butterflies in stomach” (CC#6 Project). It was about her feeing of nervousness during public speaking. She described how to feel her feelings in humorously way. The second speech was made by TM Y.S. and it was his first speech after he came back to Japan from his study abroad in the UK. His speech was a real impromptu speech (“AC series: Specialty Speech Project”) but he delivered a successful 7-minutes speech with the topic which a guest chose intuitively and surprised the audience. At last, TM Y.O. made the speech titled “Mastering Verbal Delivery” which was also a project of “AC series: Public Relations.” His assignment was to make a speech to promote an idea in indirect manner. In other words, he could not use direct massages to advocate the idea. It was pretty tough but he successfully carried out. Well done!

After the regular education portion, we had an officer installation ceremony and 7 new officers are installed. Good luck!! 

The next regular meeting information is below. Please feel free to join us!!


Time : 18:00 – 20:00, July 18th (Sat)

Place: Tekuno Kawasaki near Mizonokuchi Station (This is NOT the regular meeting place in Musashi Kosugi)