[Meeting Report] #123 July 18th (Sat)

Post date: Jul 21, 2015 12:52:42 PM

On July 18th at Tekuno-Kawasaki, nearby Mizonokuchi Station, we had the 123rd meeting with the new president’s call to order! Regardless its complicated location (yes, Tekuno-Kawasaki’s meeting room is bit difficult to find..) one guest came to the meeting. Thanks!

Today’s table topic theme was “book” and TM Y.K. asked some stimulating/timely questions. For example, her first question was regarding the “Akudataga” award-winning book “Hibaka” written by a Japanese “comedian.” She asked “what you feel/think someone who already established a presence jump into another field and showed a good performance as well?” So what do you think?

In the prepared speech session, we had two speeches. TM R.F delivered the first speech (CC#8) named “Who lived in this house?” using a projector (PowerPoint presentation.) In her speech, she analyzed the house-plan of the Isono family (Sazae-san’s family) and proposed a renovation plan. I’ve never thought about their modern-age life-style and it was quite interesting! Second speech was made by TM M.K (AC: The Entertaining Speaker Project #1). As his speech title, “What I have learned from my hobby” indicated, it was about his new hobby: whiskey tasting J He introduced some tips to enjoy whisky tasting for beginners with comical stories with his wife and sommelier-like expression. “Whiskey is perfume to drink” is my favorite.

In addition, an educational workshop conducted by president D.K. He lectured a strategy to overcome the fear when we feel we talk in front of the audience. What he told? “Preparation and Practice!!” Don’t have a chance to prepare and practice? Please join Visionaries TMC!!

If you interested, please feel free to contact us on: visionaries-guest@googlegroups.com.

Next meeting information:

Time : 18:00 – 20:00, August 1st (Sat)

Place: Nakahara Shiminkan in Musashi-kosuzi