[Meeting Report] #124 August 1st (Sat)

Post date: Aug 4, 2015 1:20:53 PM

On the 1st day of August, we had a wonderful meeting (as always!!), having 3 guests!! Thank you for coming!

After the induction ceremony for TM T.F, TM Y.M organized the Breaking Ice session: short speech relay! All of members (and guests, too) introduced good/bad news in last/coming 2 weeks in 20 seconds J

Then, we had the table topic session! Today’ theme was “travel” and TM H.K took the role first time but she did a wonderful job. In the questions, she asked “what do you think about ‘Couch-Surfing?” and this question went to our young-star TM Y.O. He made a brilliant answer speech. What I found later was some of members did not know ‘Couch-surfing’ (me, neither..)..

There were three prepared speeches. The first speaker was TM N.H and his CC#2 speech, “why doing sport is so important.” It was his second time speech in our club but he made a nice speech without using a note and with confidence. TM Y.U delivered the second speech of the day, titled “A recipe of happiness.” It was his CC#10 project, the last project of the basic speech manual. He took about four years to complete the manual (because he was an inactive member for two years for a reason) but finally, he made it! The last speaker was TM R.K, our experienced speaker! His speech title was “Performance as Representative?” (Advanced Manual: The Entertaining Speaker Project #4) and he lively describe his experience in Finland of a car-racing.

Our president D.K. had a mini workshop to our new members about the basic of Visionaries’ activities and roles, which must be very helpful for first-time role takers J

Interested? please feel free to contact us on: visionaries-guest@googlegroups.com

Next meeting information:

Time : 18:00 – 20:00, August 22nd (Sat)

Place: Nakahara Shiminkan in Musashi-kosuzi



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- August 22nd (Sat)

- September 5th (Sat)