[Meeting Report] #127 September 19th

Post date: Sep 26, 2015 2:43:17 AM

Hello everyone. We had the 127th meeting at Nakahara shiminkan (usual venue) on 19th September. Due to the timing (first day of the 'Silver-week') bit fewer members could participate in the meeting, however fortunately we had three enthusiastic guests and one of them decided to join our clube!! Welcome!!!

After the president's opening remark and introduction of the word of the evening ('not least' as idiom for the meeting), TM H.K organized the breaking ice session first time and almost all members (including guests!) made a 40 seconds speech about their favorite movies.

With warmed-up atmosphere, then TM T.S assumed the role of table topic master (impromptu speech practice session). He recently got a baby in his family and his questions about out childhood experience (such as travel experience with family members). Hope the answers (speeches) help him make a wonderful travel plan with his lovely baby :)

Before the prepared speech session, TM Y.O (area director of the area to which Visionaries TMC belong) conducted a workshop regarding 'Moment of truth'. It somehow sounds like a word in marketing and actually it is. We discussed what moments motivated us to decide to join this club. That reminded me of a lot. Thanks TM Y.O!! (If you have a chance to visit our club, please ask the members why they joined. Each member has different reasons but one common thing is.. the good meeting atmosphere ;)

At last but not least, we had two prepared speakers. The first speech titled '24601' was delivered by TM A.K and it was her first speech. She has lived in many countries so far and described what is growing outside home country like from her perspectives. There are some pros and cons. I learned a lots. Thank you very much!! The second speaker was TM Y.U and his speech, 'Tips on Traveling' was his first project of "The Entertaining Speaker". Its focus is not only to make a well structured speech with skillful delivery, but also to entertain the audience. Unfortunately he could not finish the speech in time but made the audience laugh. Well done!

If you are interested, please contact us on email: visionaries-guest@googlegroups.com

Next meeting information:

Time : 18:00 – 20:00, October 3rd (Sat)

Place: Nakahara Shiminkan in Musashi-kosuzi



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- October 4th (Sun) *Area Evaluation Contest at Kawasaki Shogai Gakushu Plaza 401

- October 17th (Sat) *Regular meeting

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