[Meeting Report] #130 November 7th

Post date: Nov 15, 2015 11:39:05 AM

Hello everyone. After three weeks since the last meeting, we had the #130 meeting at Nakahara Shimina-kan.

With more than 25 members and 3 guests, the meeting started with president D.K' president remark and the introduction of 'word of the evening' by TM B.L. The word was 'shape'. It's a simple and familiar word for us but it has a variety of meaning and use.

After the opening part, TM R.S. led the table topic session. It was his first time to take the role but he did a very nice job and asked some intriguing questions: he shared a quote and asked the speaker's idea on it. One quote he introduced was 'imagination is more important than knowledge' (by Albert Einstein) Umm.. it's not easy to answer in general, but to be a good toastmaster, imagination is much more important than just knowing something, isn't it?

In the prepared speech session, there were three speeches and two of them were advanced projects. The first speech, named 'Not ideal but optimal' was delivered by TM S.K. It was about his experience to secure a seat on a bullet train (Shin-Kan-Sen) ticket in high season. He introduced the story in humorous way with visual aids :) The second speaker, TM K.T made a speech for CC#6 project (vocal variety.) The speech title was 'Life is Choices' and he talked about how he broke up with a girl friend.. It was a bitter story but nice topic to practice vocal variety. The third speaker was TM Y.S and he gave the speech named 'How I Learn English.' The speech content and way of delivery is surely a keynote address speech, and actually the speech will be addressed as a keynote speech at his alma mater. It was a rare opportunity to listen and see a practice of that kind of speech.

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Next meeting information:

Time : 18:00 – 20:00, November 21th (Sat)

Place: Nakahara Shiminkan in Musashi-kosuzi


[future meeting schedule]

#132 meeting: Dec.4th

#133 meeting: Dec.18th

#134 meeting: Jan. 9th(*1)

#135 meeting: Jan. 23rd(*1)

@ all meetings above will be held at Nakahara Shiminkan

(*1)the meeting dates are NOT 1st and 3rd Saturday in January.