[Meeting Report] #133 December 19th

Post date: Dec 27, 2015 5:36:25 AM

The last meeting of Visionaries TMC is a X'mas meeting. Before the meeting, the Toastmaster of the Evening announced a dress code in which members should come with a green or red item. Many members had a red/green shirt, hat and/or tie. Unfortunately, however, TM R.K didn't have any green or red item. So he decided put on "blue" shirt AND "yellow" outfit. Did you notice? It's the color elements of green!! How creative, isn't it?

The first half of the meeting was all about X'mas!! After the opening remark by the club president, TM M.S introduced "merry" as the word of the evening. And in the ice-breaking session, we did a short-time vocabulary training exercise related to literally Christmas. Each member tried to remember( or googled?) words which are related to X'mas and start with any letter of CHRISTMAS as many as they can. It was tougher than I imagined. (I could not come up with a nice word starting 'A')

In the table topic session, TM Y.S asked some X'mas questions: For example, "what is your best or worst memory in X'mas season?" or "Do you think a religion is important for our society?" and so on. TM J.M was appointed to the second question and made a strong and powerful speech :) Awesome!!

The prepared speeches of the day were delivered by two speakers. TM K.S gave in front of the audience her first speech; "Shepherd brought me here" (CC#1). She connected her high-school experience and toastmaster experience in her speech. Even thought it was her very first time speech, her practice was not betrayed. She did an excellent job!! The second speech titled "The First Step for Your Successful Life" (CC#9) was surely persuasive one. She used a visual aid to promote her idea and cited strong evidence to emphasize her point, that is "having a routine helps you improve your performance". After listening to her speech, you could not stop starting new routine. ;-)

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Next meeting information:

Time : 18:00 – 20:00, January 9th (Sat) *this is the second Saturday of January.

Place: Nakahara Shiminkan in Musashi-kosuzi


[future meeting schedule]

#134 meeting: Jan. 9th(*)

#135 meeting: Jan. 23rd(*)

@ all meetings above will be held at Nakahara Shiminkan

(*)the meeting dates are NOT 1st and 3rd Saturday in January.