[Meeting Report] #147 July 23rd

Post date: Jul 24, 2016 3:04:27 AM

The second meeting in the new fiscal year literally reflected the new trend in town. Yeah, nothing else but the "Pokemon-Go" itself.

The president himself started it with his opening remarks based on the digital game, it was augmented by TM K.T through his "Word of the evening " "Augment" and explanation of "Pokemon-go" as an "AR" game. It was interesting to hear about "Augmented Reality" and the way the gaming environment is changing.

With a buzzling start we then stepped into the "Ice breaking" session, it was inevitable as we had quite a high number of guests for the session. TM R.K then brough in a theme which once again reflected our tendency to relate ourselves to the weather conditions. He gave 20 sec for all members to explain one thing they love about summer. No two persons can say the same things though. The last few literallyhad a tough time. It was interesting to listen to answers like "Mosquito bites" "Sparkling surroundings" "Beer gardens" and the likes.

"Long time no see" TM SS launched himself with a "Am still alive" statement and the club erupted to laughter. It is always nice to be back home. The Table topic session was again "Summer", TM Y.T. asked 5 questions in the related theme and it was interesting to listen to the insights of participants. How the "Impeccable Gentleman" of the club TM U remembered "Old men and the sea" by "Earnest Hemingway"as his memory related to summer is worth mentioning.

Unlike our normal meeitngs "Prepared speeches" where limited to two, TM AM came up with her "Live Let Live" Basic manual project #4 How to say it ?. TM YT came up with her "You Made me" Basic manual project #10 Inspire Your Audience. Both of the speakers were passionate and It was interesting to listen.

As usual the evaluations from TM RK and TM U were constructive. Ah Counter TM SS came up with a new way of repeating the filler sounds which was entertaining and enlightning. TM M.A. came up with a request of attending an Obon dance as a group if possible. It is nice to see the group growing up interms of engagements outside of four walls of the club meeting room.

Then there was after meeting socialisation party. "Chilled beer and hearty conversations " Wow..what more to ask on a summer day.

Cheers visionaries ! As said by an eminent person " If you want to walk fast, walk alone but if you want to walk far walk together", Let us walk together as far as we can.

Interested? Visionaries TMC always look forward to having you in the meeting.

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