[Meeting Report] #148 August 6th

Post date: Aug 7, 2016 1:12:54 AM

The third meeting in the new year had some surprise elements. As our club leaders always say " Guests are our top priority" we witnessed surprise priorities during the meeting. It was quite thrilling to see a battery of fellas charging into the venue all energized, motivated to the core, for being part of a progressive association. We were lucky that VPM TM B.L. was not present, she might have had a heart attack, of course Out of excitement!! I am thinking of a motion to title her as the "Lucky Mascot" of our club :). May be a trending analogy is finding too many Pokemon's just like that.

President T.M Y.U. in his presidential address cleverly packaged his message as a complaint, i.e. about unavailability of plain soda !! and how flavored things are ruling the scene. His message of "Simple and Straight" was subtle yet powerful. Ice breaking session by TM. M.S was a new experience. We learned how imaginative toast masters could be hearing many of the answers. Next was VPE TM R.F. chance to introduce the word of the evening, she came up with a beautiful choice, "Enlightened". May she be enlightened to lead our club in a progressive path.

TMOE, TM M.A. took charge and presented herself with her characteristic smile shining with confidence. She called for her supporting facilitators to elaborate, TM K.T as timer, TM M.A as Ah counter, TM R.F as Vote counter & TM Y.T as grammarian. As always everyone explained their roles for the benefit of Guests, our top priority.

TM. Y.K., Table topic master, was back to the club after a short period of absence, she got married recently :) The club wished her all the best. Her questions were quite interesting, relevant and simple. It ranged from Olympic's to Women leadership and Marriage. TM Y.M., TM J.M, TM M.A, TM R.F. gave interesting answers, especially TM Y.M. marriage ceremony in the eyes men and women was hilarious. We were glad to see TM Y.M back in action between his grueling accounting training. You have it in you young man.

Then came the most awaited part in the Educational portion "Prepared speeches", There were three participants, TM Y.U. restarted his "Competent Communicator " manual, "Restart" Basic manual project #1 The Ice Breaker. TM Y.T. came up with "Don't Bully Yourself" Basic manual project #3 Get to the point. TM E.S. came up with "Don't become a perfect human "Basic manual project #3 Get to the point. The speeches were sincere, motivating and It was enlightening to listen.

The precise yet detailed TM Y.S performed his role as General Evaluator in a commendable manner. His listening skills and articulation of facts are worth a watch. TM Y.M, TM R.S and TM J.M did their roles to the best of their ability.

Courage to share, Passion to lead and Encouragement to challenge were the key characteristics of the meeting.

Then there was after meeting socialization party. Stories, ideas and alcohol can be addictive, I bet.

Great going visionaries...

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