[Meeting Report ] #149 August 20th

Post date: Aug 30, 2016 12:43:03 AM

Meeting #149, the fourth meeting in this fiscal year was conducted. As usual, guests were our top priority and we had two guests. The meeting began with a sweet note, yeah, Chocolates and assorted confectioneries in the form of Souvenir's were the highlight. It is always nice to have generous fellow toast masters who travel during their vacation.

In the opening remarks President Y.U. exhorted to participate in the upcoming table topic contest. TM J.M came up with a characteristic word of the evening "Bet". The Ice breaking session by TM M.A of playing with Country names was entertaining.The room warmed up nicely and set stage to the proceedings.

The meeting agenda was special due to a workshop by TM Y.O. TMOE TM S.S. had managed to accommodate the change nicely and performed his role to ensure a smooth meeting. Prepared speeches by TM R.K and TM M.A were interesting. The former speech evidently displayed creativity in the selection of topic and methodology while the latter had a classic touch of an Alvida (Good bye in urdu).

The workshop session by TM Y.O was designed in a group learning fashion, it was thoughtful of TM Y.O since it is very difficult to provide a one solution fits all for dynamic situations like Table topics. TM M.B with her characteristic enthusiasm exacerbated by her recent overseas vacation logically chose "Vacation" as the theme of her Table topic session and shooted interesting questions to the group. TM R.S, TM Y.S, TM N, TM J.M put up a good show followed by an interesting evaluation by TM D.K. General evaluator TM H.K with her joyful smile took the meeting forward and facilitated evaluations by TM R.K and TM M.T. The evaluations had their personal touch and passion for supporting the presenters to achieve higher levels. TM S.K as a first time Grammarian helped us to notice some interesting expressions. TM M.K did a good job in his role as Ah counter.

The awards for the best speaker, best evaluator and best table topic speaker were given to TM M.A, TM R.K and TM J.M respectively.

It is always sad to part ways especially when the TM (TM M.A) is an active member. But the information that the person is venturing on a journey to better herself is enticing. After all Toast Master in itself is such a journey. Our President on behalf of our club wished her all the very best. In short we hope meeting #149 qualified our president's vision of 24 quality meetings.

(By TM R.S)

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