[Meeting Report ] #151 September 17th

Post date: Sep 25, 2016 11:15:45 AM

Meeting #151, the sixth meeting in this fiscal year was conducted on 17th September 2016.

Even though the meeting was held on a long weekend the participation was quite good. We had 4 guests also to the session The meeting was inline with typical meeting schedule of VTMC club.

The session began with opening remarks from President TM Y.U, followed by the word of evening by TM Y.S and icebreaking session by TM R.F. The TMOE was first timer TM A.M. TM M.B, TM Y.N and TM Y.S donned the roles of Grammarian, Timer and Vote counter respectively.

The Table topic master was TM. M.K and his theme was "Autumn". It was entertaining to listen to speeches such as "Fashion of your partner" etc. The table topic evaluation done by TM. S.S was to the point.

The prepared speeches by TM S.K, TM T.F,TM Y.M & TM B.L were rich with variety of content and style. It was informative to learn information like "Rentier State", "Globish" etc.

The general evaluator was TM. R.S. The evaluations by TM H.K, TM. Y.U , TM R.K and TM R.F were nothing but encouraging notes for betterment of the speakers.

In short they showcased the true spirit of "Correction does much, but encouragement does more". TM R.F, TM R.K and TM T.F were selected as the best table topic speaker, evaluator and speaker respectively.

Overall the meeting #151 with 5 table topic session and 4 prepared speeches qualified as one among our president's vision of 24 quality meetings.

(by R.S)

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