[Meeting Report ] #153 October 21st

Post date: Oct 23, 2016 12:57:30 AM

Meeting #153, the eighth meeting in this fiscal year was conducted on 15th October 2016. It was a first hand and encouraging experience to host guests numbering close to 40% of attendees.

The meeting was inline with the typical meeting schedule of VTMC. The session began with many many announcements from our President TM Y.U. i.e."The District contest", "Rookie contest", and "Outing plan" were informed.

The breaking ice session by TM E.S was based on sharing events in the last 10 days with theme "Good and New". It was good to hear happy moments of fellow toast masters.

"Straightforward" the word of the evening by TM M.S, our treasurer was quite straightforward!

This session's TMOE was our TM Y.N, She was more than happy to host the evening after attending a match won by favorite team. TM Y.U, TM Y.N and TM Y.T donned the roles of Timer, Ah Counter, Grammarian and Vote counter respectively.

TM Y.N from the beginning has been exceptional with his volunteering attitude. The Table topic master was first timer TM. S.K. The topics touched around festivals, creativity and likes and was special in terms of the delivery style and clarity typical to TM. S.K.

The responses from TM Y.U, TM R.F, TM Y.S. TM M.S and our favorite guest M.M san were quite interesting and provided insights of their personality.

The prepared speeches by TM M.T, TM M.K, TM B.L and TM D.K were well prepared and nicely delivered.

Especially TM M.T speech reconfirmed that Toast Master prepared speeches were not just limited to practising the speech technique's but at the same time can be used a medium to pass on very important and touching messages.

The general evaluator was TM. R.F. The speech evaluators were TM R.S, TM. A.M, TM. Y.S. and TM Y.T respectively. TM Y.T showcased some exceptional body language. TM Y.S, TM Y.T and TM M.T were selected as the best table topic speaker, evaluator and speaker respectively.

The meeting ended with a repeated announcement i.e. of Refund policy by our treasurer for the expenses incurred by TMOE henceforth.

Overall the meeting #153 with exceptional number of guests and some heartfelt performances qualified as one among our president's vision of 24 quality meetings.

(by R.S)

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