[Meeting Report]#157 Dec. 17th

Post date: Dec 24, 2016 7:43:49 AM

Meeting #157, the 12th as well as the last meeting in this fiscal year was conducted on 17th December 2016.

There were 3 guests, all fresh faces. The meeting was special with induction ceremony of TM MM & TM EW conducted by VPM TM B.L and the "Rookie contest" accomplishment news from a VTMC'ian TM M.B.

She secured 2nd position in the District Rookie contest. It was a commendable achievement competing with 10 contestants.

Other than that the meeting structure was inline with the typical meeting schedule of VTMC. The session began with announcements from our President TM Y.U. i.e. "International Contest", and "Outing plan" were informed.

The breaking ice session by TM M.K was interesting. Sharing of first speech experiences was a nice reminder of where the journey began. "Merry" the word of the evening by TM K.T was appropriate for the Christmas and Year ending season. .

This session's TMOE was first timer TM Y.T. He performed his role so eloquently that it was hard to imagine he was a first timer. TM M.M, TM R.S, TM E.W and TM K.S donned the roles of Timer, Grammarian & Ah Counter and Vote counter respectively. The Table topic master was TM. E.S. The topics touched around Christmas,Imagination & Experience, asking response from participants of their reaction and reasoning for possible situations during Christmas. The originality and room for imagination made it very interesting. The responses from TM M.M, TM R.S, TM K.S, and TM E.W were nothing short of justice to the interesting opportunity.

The prepared speeches by TM Y.S, TM Y.U and TM R.K were all advanced manual projects. The variety was so enthralling that the speeches were based on projects such as Technical briefing, Uplift the spirit & Speaking after dinner. The context ranged from from Academic, to Music & to Goals. TM Y.U needs a special mention for carrying his signature music themed speeches. The general evaluator was TM. Y.O. The speech evaluators were TM S.S, TM. R.K and TM D.K respectively. TM R.S, TM R.K and TM R.K were selected as the best table topic speaker, evaluator and speaker respectively.

Overall the meeting #157 with achievement news, variety performances, induction ceremony and fresh guests qualified as one among our president's vision of 24 quality meetings.

Coming events:

- January 7th (Location: Nakahara Civic Hall)

- January 21st (Location: Nakahara Civic Hall)

Place: Nakahara Civic Hall(Nakahara-shiminkan:中原市民館)