[Meeting Report]#161 Feb. 4th: Club Contest!!

Post date: Feb 19, 2017 1:01:31 AM

Meeting #161, the 16th as well as the fourth meeting in this new fiscal year was conducted on 04th February 2017.There were 4 guests.

The meeting structure was very special. The meeting agenda was "Club Spring speech contest" and Workshop on "how to construct a speech that reaches to the audience".

The meeting began with our customary presidential address by TM Y.U. He then transferred the control to Contest chair.

This session's Contest chair was first timer TM R.K. She performed her role very well with fantastic planning and execution. TM M.A, TM M.S, and TM Y.N donned the hats of Timer 1, Timer 2 and SAA respectively.

TM E.W, TM M.B and TM were supporting as ballot collectors. TM R.F was the Contest judge. TM R.S, TM E.S, TM Y.O and TM J.M were the contest participants. Each of the contestants showcased their best of the skills.The contest was fierce and TM E.S, TM J.M won the 1st and 2nd places respectively and qualified to represent VTMC at the next level.

The workshop was conducted by TM R.F. It was based on an earlier workshop conducted by accomplished TM Y.N.

TM Y.U also helped TM R.F to recreate and analyse the various aspect/structure of a speech to connect well with the audience. The methodology proved very useful and the workshops style to analyse and discuss a successful speech was worth it. The workshop was followed by an evaluation session by veteran TM Y.S. He, in his signature style delivered a balanced review of the workshop. His "spic and span" delivery and arrangement of thoughts are worth learning.

The session ended with customary comments from our guests. An announcement that our club will host the next level of Spring speech contest was made. It was followed by closing remarks from the President. Overall the meeting #161 with fierce contest speeches, an informative workshop and good number of guests qualified as one among our president's vision of 24 quality meetings.

(by R.S)

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