[Meeting Report]#164 March. 18th

Post date: Mar 21, 2017 9:30:43 PM

Meeting #164, the 19th as well as the Seventh meeting in this new fiscal year was conducted on 18th March 2017.There were 3 guests. Other than the induction ceremony of TM C.H under the leadership of TM Y.S,the meeting structure was inline with the typical meeting structure of VTMC.

The breaking ice session by TM Y.N was a creative "if... then..." game, It not only ensured participation of all but also was a test of once own imagination. "Cotton on" the word of the evening by TM Y.O, was quite new to all of our members.

TM H.K undertook the role of TMOE for this session and she set a whole new standard in time management of the meeting. TM Y.T, TM R.F, TM Y.T and TM B.M donned the roles of Timer, Grammarian, Ah Counter and Vote counter respectively. The Table topic master was first timer TM. M.M. He posed his questions in his typical style of delivery around the central theme of "Spring". The topics asked response from participants on their experiences, preferences etc around the central theme of Spring. The responses from TM C.H, TM Y.T, TM B.M and TM Y.U had their personal story with glimpses of Japanese culture. TM. A.M did the evaluation for the table topic session.

The prepared speeches by TM M.O, TM T.K and TM D.K were all from quite distinct projects. The speeches were based on projects such as "The ice breaker", "Your Body Speaks" & "Advance manual - After party speech" and the variety made it much more entertaining. The general evaluator was TM. R.K. The speech evaluators were TM R.S, TM. Y.S and TM M.K respectively. TM C.H, TM R.S and TM T.K were selected as the best table topic speaker, evaluator and speaker respectively.

The session ended with announcements from our President TM Y.U. on the recent accolade of a VTMC'ian to the 3rd place in the Division contest. Besides another VTMC'ian TM Y.O received an award for his exceptional performance during his tenure in the Toast Master governing body level. The icing of the cake was the award to our IPP TM D.K for exceptional increase in membership of VTMC in the last term.

In Spite of all these good news we were saddened by the announcement of the departure of TM M.B to her home country. We wished her all the very best and really hope she gets a chance to return to us some time in the future.

Overall the meeting #164 with variety performances, announcement of awards and a couple of fresh guests qualified as one among our president's vision of 24 quality meetings.

(by R.S)

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