[Meeting Report ] #167 April 29th

Post date: May 3, 2017 2:05:48 AM

Meeting #167, the 22nd as well as the Tenth meeting in this new fiscal year was conducted on 29th April 2017. The meeting schedule was unprecedented from the club's normal meeting, i,e first and third saturday of the month. Yes you might have guessed it partially correct, the golden week and the District conference were the reason. There were 2 wonderful guests. The meeting structure was intact with the typical meeting structure of VTMC with an unprecedented addition of an evaluator to the general evaluator.

The breaking ice session by TM M.O was a creative "Story weaving" game, It turned out to be different from our previous week game in terms of the requirement of applying a word that TM M.O displayed in her chart book. "Precedent" the word of the evening by TM C.H, was accompanied with proper usage tips and it was repeated a couple of times in the meeting.

Veteran TM D.K undertook the role of TMOE for this session. TM Y.T, TM Y.U, TM M.S and TM K.T donned the roles of Timer, Grammarian, Ah Counter and Vote counter respectively. The Table topic master was TM. M.K. He posed his questions around the central theme of "Present / Gift". The responses from TM R.F, TM Y.T, TM K.T, TM R.S and TM J.M revolved around their personal experiences and it was encouraging to see them utilizing most of their allocated time judiciously. TM. R.S did the evaluation for the table topic session.

There were 2 prepared speeches, the prepared speech by TM M.M, was from basic manual project "Ice Breaker". It was surprising to see a presentation based "Icebreaker". Things are changing I guess. The prepared speech by TM Y.T, was from basic manual project "Your body speaks". His attire commanded an aura and the message reflected his take on self appreciation and gratitude to oneself. The general evaluator was TM. A.M. The speech evaluators were TM S.K. and TM R.F. The General Evaluator TM A.M was evaluated by TM Y.S. TM R.S, TM R.F and TM Y.T were selected as the best table topic speaker, evaluator and speaker respectively. Afterwards we conducted the induction ceremony of two fellow toast masters to the club under the aegis of TM Y.S. TM T.K and TM Y.S were formally inducted. IPP TM D.K announced of the impending officer club selection and process.

The session ended with announcements from our President TM Y.U. on the announcement of the upcoming District contest and VTMC'ian TM Y.O run for the District leadership role. . Overall the meeting #167 with performances, induction of 2 fellow toast masters qualified as one among our president's vision of 24 quality meetings.

(by R.S)

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