[Meeting Report ] #171 July 1

Post date: Jul 2, 2017 4:17:13 AM

As Toastmasters' new fiscal year starts on July 1, the meeting statred with the inauguration of new officers.

A special time for sincere appreciation towards the outgoing officers crossed by fresh expectations from the incoming leadership team.

Regular portion of the meeting was a lot of fun as always, joined by as many as 6!!! guests this time.

[Number of guests] 6

[Installation of New Officers]

Ceremony conducted by Area 52 Director RK followed by quick remarks from:

-New President: YT

Welcoming new TM fiscal year. "Speak out loud!".

-Area 52 Director: RK, and

-Division E Director: YO

On the reasons, benefits, meanings to join Toast Masters.

[Prepared Speeches]


"Memory": The system of human memory


"Chasing Bruckner No. 8": His passion for "Bruckner No.8"


"Voice": How she confront the fear of expressing personal opinions.


"Two Types of Human Beings": Communication and team work from the view of 2 types of human beings

[Award Result]

Best Evaluator: CH

Best Speaker: HK


Next meeting is 7/15 at Takatsu Shiminkan

Interested? Visionaries TMC always look forward to having you in our meeting.

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