[Meeting Report ] #172 July 15

Post date: Jul 17, 2017 4:14:18 AM

A colorful assortment of actions and speeches: The meeting was kicked off by the club president, YT, mimicking a famous personality (DT), quickly warming up the room atmosphere. This was followed by useful "Word of the Evening" and impromptu "Table Topics", which were in fact topical. "Prepred Speeches" this time offered an interesting combination of two fresh Project #1's and one well-seasoned Project #10. A pleasant diversity demonstrated in style and contents.

We again had 6 guests! Thanks for your interest in and time with Visionaries!

Participation in our regular post-meeting socialization party (20:00-) was sparse this time for some reason..... Guests are more than welcome to join in.

[Number of Guests] 6

[Word of the Evening] Tangible

[Table Topics]

Q1: If you could choose your birthday, which date would you choose, and why?

-> AM: 10/2, since it is the same birthday as Gandhi.

Q2: If you could be a leader of any organization, which organization would you choose?

-> CH: Her company, and would change the business model.

Q3: If you could speak one more language, which language would you choose?

-> (Guest)GB: Japanese, since am now in Japan; the number of speakers large enough; its structure uniquely different from western languages.

Q4: What question would you ask, if permitted, to Yuriko Koike, the governor of Tokyo Metropolis?

-> TY: How she studies and catches up things, since she has to know many things in a short time.

[Prepared Speeches]


Project #1 "The Ice Breaker"

Title: "My hometown"

Digest: Informative speech to introduce his hometown Towada-city.


Project #1 "The Ice Breaker"

Title: "The lazy man"

Digest: Entertaining speech to introduce his personalities.


Project #10 "Inspire your audience"

Title: "72 years ago, in Okinawa..."

Digest: Passionate speech about Okinawa in WWII.

[Award Results]

Best Table Topic: AM

Best Evaluator: RS

Best Speaker: MS


BBQ: July 23

In-house contest: September 2

Area contest: September 17

Interested? Visionaries Toastmasters Club always looks forward to having you in our meeting.

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