[Meeting Report ] #173 August 5

Post date: Aug 8, 2017 1:41:28 AM

The room was stunned first and then burst with laugter after a few seconds.... The opening tonight featured Blouson Y with B-ish. What a show! (See the first photo. Google "Blouson Chiemi with B, if you have no idea.)

But at this point in time, few of us knew that even a bigger excitement was about to unfold in two hours....(See the last photo.)

There was no compromise to the quality of our meeting, however. Great preparetion, participation, and sharing.

We were delighted to have 5 guests tonight, one of whom was in his 80s! It was an honor.

Further, one of the guests declared tonight to join our club. A hearty welcome from the Visionaries team!

Our post-meeting socialization party was quite collaborative and loud. (See the last photo, again.)

[Number of Guests] 5

[Word of the Evening] Predicament

[Table Topics]

Q1: What is the best thing to be a member of Visionaries Toast Masters Club?

-> RK: Warm atmosphere and a variety of motivated people.

Q2: Share your feeling before and after the first speech.

-> YT: Afraid before the speech, but felt relaxed and accepted after.

Q3: What will you change anything about the club?

-> RK: The size of the meeting room, since it is getting full.

Q4: What are the 3 words to describe this club?

-> MM: Cheerful, energized, and expanding.

Q5: Where do you find an inspiration of your speech and how do you develop it?

-> SK: Trace back and deep-dive into personal history.

Q6: Did anyone's speech influence you to make a new speech?

-> YO: Daniel Macroy's speech making the topic humorous.

Q7: What are the differences between being a guest and a member.

-> GB: Responsible feeling for supporting the club together.

[Prepared Speech]


Project #2 "Organize your speech"

Title: "President Macaron"

Digest: A humorous view on the new French president.


Project #3 "Get to the point"

Title: "How to write a science article"

Digest: Passionate account on how rigorous to write an article for a journal.


Project #4 "How to say it"

Title: "Thinking about digital money"

Digest: Informative exploration into digital money such as Bitcoin.

[Award Result]

Best Table Topic speaker: GB

Best Evaluator: SK

Best Speaker: MO


In-house contest September 2

Area contest September 17

Division contest October 9

Interested? Visionaries Toastmasters Club always looks forward to having you in our meeting.

For more details, please feel free to contact us on: visionaries-guest@googlegroups.com