[Meeting Report ] #174 August 19

Post date: Aug 24, 2017 2:07:38 PM

Downpour, incessant thunder strokes, and Obon holiday season..... Even such a worst conceivable combination could not dampen our high spirits.

Smaller group than usual meant more chance for contribution by each attendee during the meeting.

On top, we were impressed that 3 guests managed to join us in the face of very harsh weather: 1 first time vistor and 2 Toastmasters from sister clubs.

Our post-meeting socialization party lasted till late, by which time everyone's drenched clothes were dry enough for a train ride back home.

[Number of Guests] 3

[Word of the Evening] Mesmerizing

[Induction Ceremony] New Toastmaster GB formally inducted

[Table Topics]

Q1: What value do you consider most for your gift?

-> YS: Atmosphere in which a gift is presented, citing his successful marrige proposal. (Wow, congrats!)

Q2: What is the most memorable gift you have ever had?

-> EO: Marrige proposal offered to her recently. (Wow, congrats to you, too!)

Q3: What would you want as gift if you could ask anything?

-> SK: Patience, since many past attempts to learn things ceased halfway due to the lack of it.

[Prepared Speech]


Project #4 "How to say it"

Title: "Thanks to the inventors / manufacturers"

Digest: A humorous narrivive on his gadgets and bahaviors to make the most of his time during daily train commute.


Project #9 "Persuade with power"

Title: "Dear Laziests, let's beat our enemy together!"

Digest: Successful experience in acheiving goals proactively by making the process fun and rewarding, as opposed to by forced actions driven through fear or threat.


Advanced Manual, The Professional Speaker, Project #4 "The professional seminar"

Title: "Tall tale workshop"

Digest: Special workshop to prepare the club members for the upcoming Tall Take speech contest.

Concise explanation on definition, structure, and key considerations, supplemented by the demonstratation and analysis of a sample tall tale.

[Award Result]

Best Table Topic speaker: SK

Best Evaluator: SK

Best Speaker: TF


In-house contest September 2

Area contest September 17

Division contest October 9

Interested? Visionaries Toastmasters Club always looks forward to having you in our meeting.

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