[Meeting Report ] #175 September 2

Post date: Sep 5, 2017 9:13:26 AM

Have you heard the term "tall tale"? According to Wikipedia, a tall tale is a story with unbelievable elements, related as if it were true and factual.

Then, on business, it has to be accused as deceit.

At Totastmasters, however, it is acclaimed! We even have contests concentraing only on tall tales!!

As such, first half of today's meeting was booked for our in-house "tall tale" contest, where 2 club representatives were selected for further inter-club competitions. (1st photo)

The remaining half opened with the tasting of "edible tarantula (2nd photo)" by our president.

Everyone's jaw dropped, but was quickly normalized as the great prepared speeches and their evaluations took over. (Last photo)

4 guests joined us tonight. Were the tall tales (and the tarantula) fun for you?

A meeting full of substance was followed by our customary socialization party.

[Number of Guests] 4

[In-house Contest: "Tall Tales" ]


Title: "A girl meets icecream"


Title: "Chrismas miracle - a partially true story"


Title: "Finding small pond"


Title: "Un-added value"

[Contest Results ]

1st place: SK

2nd place: MO

[Prepared Speeches]


Project #2 "Organize your speech"

Title: "Do you like muscle training?"

Digest: A fun story about people and events that recently led her to committing to fitness training, which she had never liked.


Project #3 "Get to the point"

Title: "How to make parents happy"

Digest: Sincere reflection on what she finally found out after trying hard to make her parents happy, living far apart.


Advanced Manual, The Professional Speaker, Project #3 "The sales training speech"

Title: "Perfecting the vehicle presentation"

Digest: A well structured, interactive sales training session simulated, complete with professinal Powerpoint slides.

[Award Result]

Best Evaluator: JM

Best Speaker: YO


Area contest September 17

Division contest October 9

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