[Meeting Report ] #177 October 7

Post date: Oct 10, 2017 10:14:52 AM

Here is a personally proposed prototype of our potential Club T-shirt! (First photo) Hmm... So loud and bold like our love to this club, discussions of taste set aside....

Table topics tonight were higly intellectual, focusing on and around the Nobel Prize. We also had a live music performance as a prepared speech, wherein the audience was urged to actively participate.

We were glad to have 3 guests, one of whom declared to join our club! Wow, new members, 2 weeks in a row!

Although our regular meeting saw slightly fewer-than-usual attendees, participation in post-meeting socialization was strong, a couple of whom even joined the party portion only!

[Number of Guests] 3

[Word of the evening] Politic

[Table Topics]

Q1: If you can add a new field to the Nobel Prize, which field would you choose?

-> AM: Nobel comedy prize.

Q2: What is the most memorable Nobel or Ig Nobel prize work to you?

-> YU: Contract Theory.

Q3: If you could award anyone with a Nobel Prize, whom would you choose?

-> EO: The founder of Toast Masters.

Q4: What kind of research would you pursue to win the Ig Nobel prize?

-> MM: About new type of liquid gas.

Q5: What would you do if you were tasked with an independent research?

-> SK: Would complete the work he had quit halfway during a summer vacation in elementary school.

[Prepared Speech]


Project #2 "Organize your speech"

Title: "Tips for continuing"

Digest: Account on why he started running and how to continue it.


Project #6 "Vocal variety"

Title: "Come together"

Digest: A live vocal and guirtar performance, collaborative with the audience.


(Advanced) Project #2 "Leave them with a smile"

Title: "Mutual relationship"

Digest: An introduction to a behavioral theory defining people into 2 types and ways for effective communication across.

[Award Result]

Best Table Topic Speaker: EO

Best Evaluator: YS

Best Speaker: SK


Division contest on 9th Oct.

Halloween special meeting on 21st Oct.

Cooking class on 18th Nov.

Interested? Visionaries Toastmasters Club always looks forward to having you in our meeting.

For more details, please feel free to contact us on: visionaries-guest@googlegroups.com