[Meeting Report ] #178 October 21 ?! Halloween Special !?

Post date: Oct 23, 2017 1:29:20 AM

What an awful group of people, and non-people... some dead, some alive! (First photo) Awesome!

Tonight's "Halloween Special" meeting opened with an exotic yet authentic dance performance from India. (Second photo)

Although the attire made the attendees look quite screwed-up on surface, their serious mind remained intact, and the meeting was carried out with no compromise.

A special ad-hoc prize for the Best Costume was shared by Mr. Tombstone and Mr. Skull as they had tied by voting. (Third photo)

Needless to say, our high spirits lingered on into the post-meeting socialization party.

[Number of guests] 0

[Word of the evening] In a nutshell

[Table Topics]

Q1: What are the appealing points of your today's Halloween costume?

-> YU: Similar costume worked well in the past, and is inexpensive.

Q2: What do you think is the fourth most popular Halloween costume in Japan?

-> EW: Cake, because it would give children a nice dream.

Q3: What is the most important political agenda for you for tomorrow's national election?

-> MK: Policies to support families with children.

Q4: What is your idea to improve the voting rate for the national election?

-> TK: It is the integrity of politicians that counts.

[Prepared Speeches]


Project #1 "The Ice Breaker"

Title: "My (many) lives"

Digest: An introduction of himself on struggles and decicions in his youth and early career.


Project #3 "Get to the point"

Title: "How to unmask a psychopath"

Digest: Dramatized remarks about psychopaths based on her personal experience.


Project #3 "Get to the point"

Title: "My name is EO"

Digest: An introduction of herself, especially on her passion towards cheerleading and traveling.


(Advanced) The Professional Speaker #4 "The Professional Seminar"

Title: "Leading with questions effectively"

Digest: Interactive seminar about the leadership by asking effective and smart questions.

[Award Results] (Third photo)

Best Table Topic Speaker: YU

Best Evaluator: MK

Best Speaker: YO

Best Costume: YT and YU (Messrs. Tombstone & Skull)


Cooking class on 18th Nov.

Rookies contest on 3rd Dec.

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