[Meeting Report ] #179 November 4

Post date: Nov 6, 2017 1:11:21 PM

Our meeting this time started with gambling: A shell game, where attendees were asked to guess under which one, out of the 3 cups, a Chupa Chups was hidden. But this seemingly dubious demonstration ultimately led us to an intellectual discussion on the "Monty Hall problem", a famous probability puzzle, the answer of which was quite counter-intuitive!!! (First photo) Unfortunately however, neither space here nor my brainpower allows any further elaboration. Wiki it, if you are interested.

Table Topics questions were wittily posed, prompting speakers to reveal their personalities. Four Prepared Speeches that followed were diverse in topics and in styles, constituting an impressive assortment.

We had one guest tonight, who bothered to stay with us all the way through the post-meeting socialization party. Many thanks for your time and interest (or patience??).

[Number of guests] 1

[Word of the evening] Beg, borrow or steal

[Table Topics]

Q1: What was your most deadly failure recently?

-> HS: Got drunken and overslept on the train.

Q2: What kind of effort are you making to be a nicely middle-aged person?

-> MK: 1)Jogging to the station; 2)Offering his seat to the elderly in the train.

Q3: What day of the year is the most important for you?

-> AM: Own birthday, 20th October. Preparation well ahead of time is key to receiving the right presents.

[Prepared Speech]


Project #1 "The Ice Breaker"

Title: "Who am I?"

Digest: Introduction of himself, discussing key events and thier meaning to him.


Project #3 "Get to the point"

Title: "I am from Aomori but I can't speak Tsugaru dialect"

Digest: Historical and geographical background on why he cannot speak famous "Tsugaru" dialect although he comes from the very prefecture, Aomori.


Project #4 "How to say it"

Title: "Technology bubble"

Digest: Skeptical review on topical new technologies and thier prospects based on a number of examples.


Project #8 "Get comfortable with visual aids"

Title: "Reason of LOVE"

Digest: Passionate speech about how his life is centered around his love to Nana Mizuki. (Second photo)

[Award Result] (Third photo)

Best Table Topic speaker: AM

Best Evaluator: MS

Best Speaker: YT


Cooking class and In-house Rookies contest on 18th Nov.

Prefectural Rookies contest on 3rd Dec.

Christmas special meeting on 16th Dec.

Picnic to Mt.Takao on 7th Jan.

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