[Meeting Report ] #181 December 2

Post date: Dec 3, 2017 4:50:08 AM

It was as if we had been abruptly brought back to early 2000's: Our meeting started with excercising that phenomenal workout program, "Billy's Boot Camp"!!!

Needless to say, we, 6 guests for tonight included, did it with absolutely no compromise. (First 2 photos)

While still out of breath, we immediately went on for our meeting with absolutely no compromise.

For Table Topics, a series of inspiring questions on Robots and AI met with equally thoughtful responses.

Prepared Speeches tonight offered quality and diversity, individually as well as collectively.

One of the guests, KK declared to join our club tonight. Thank you, and our warmest welcome to you!

Our post-meeting socialization was well done as always till late.

[Number of guests]

6 (including 3 from other Toastmasters Clubs)

[Word of the evening]


[Table Topics]

Q1: What kind of robots do you want to have?

-> HK: House keeping robots.

Q2: If you were a robot developer, what kind of robot would you develop?

->RS(Guest): Humanoid robots.

Q3: What roles would you like to see robots playing in Tokyo Olympics 2020?

-> TK: Communicating love & peace to the world.

Q4: What is a key for Japanese robot producing companies to win in a global market?

-> YS: Creativity.

Q5: Are you optimistic or pessimistic to the opinion that robots will take over human jobs?

-> YA(Guest): Optimistic.

Q6: Do you think robots can have a relationship with human?

-> YS: No, I don't think so, nor do I wish so.

Q7: What do you think the difference between robots and human?

-> YH(Guest): An ability to learn or act solo without initial instructions.

[Prepared Speechs]


Project #1 "The Ice Breaker"

Title: "Self Introduction"

Digest: Sincere and wide-ranging introduction of himself.


Project #5 "Your body speaks"

Title: "Giving Thanks"

Digest: An insight into cultural meaning of Thanksgiving in Japan and US.


Project #7 "Research Your Topic"

Title: "Wonder of Cicadas"

Digest: Intriguing exploration into mysterious cicada called "Magicicada".

[Award Results] (3rd photo)

Best Table Topic speaker: YS

Best Evaluator: YS

Best Speaker: SK


Rookies contest on 3rd Dec in Totuska

Christmas special meeting on 16th Dec. (Present exchange @500 yen/person)(@Takatsu-shiminkan)

Picnic to Mt. Takao Mt. on 7th Jan.

13th Jan meeting (@Takatsu-shiminkan)

Interested? Visionaries Toastmasters Club always looks forward to having you in our meeting.

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