[Meeting Report ] #186 February 17

Post date: Feb 19, 2018 8:05:07 AM

While, until just recently, "bubbly" dance implied something more secretive, these days it means a sort of vivid dance performances featuring unique choreography and retro costumes, caricaturizing Japan's economic mania during 1980s-90s, so-called the "bubble" period. For some reason, our meeting tonight started off with the simulation of this. The character dancing was meant to be Nora Hirano, a comedienne who's gotten popular, making fun of people and life styles in the "bubble" period. See the photos.

We had one guest. Thanks for joining!

[Number of guests] 1

[Word of the evening] Ambidextrous

[Table Topics]

Q1: Which winter sport do you like to watch, and why?

->EW:Skiing. She likes skiing, since her hometown is hot and it doesn’t snow.

Q2: If you start a winter sport now, which sports would you choose?

->GB: New sports of drinking with ice glasses.

Q3: What is your most impressive memory of Valentine's day?

->ES: That she was given a rose from her colleague in the US.

Q4: If you have the right to decide, who would you choose for National Honor Award ?

-> YU: Kanou Jigorou, the founder of Judo. It is an extraordinary acheivement to create a worldwide sport.

[Prepared Speeches]


Project #1 “The Ice Breaker"

Title: “KK explains himself"

Digest: Self introduction speech about his family and his hobby.


Project #4 “How To Say It"

Title: “Multicultural Japan"

Digest: Interesting speech with prescience about “multicultural symbiosis”.


Project #5 “Your Body Speaks"

Title: “Too Much Milk"

Digest: Dramatic and teaching story about the danger of taking too much dairy products.

[Award Results]

Best Table Topic speaker: YU

Best Evaluator: JM

Best Speaker: HK


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