[Meeting Report ] #190 April 7

Post date: Apr 9, 2018 4:25:41 AM

When we are down, we are prone to a vicious cycle, making ourselves feel more miserable, harder to recover from it....

In such a case, "LAUGH! Simply LAUGH even for no reanson!!" is the message from the demonstrator. (First 2 photos)

Your laugh may be an artificial and forced one at first, your mind will soon catch up. That's how human beings are made.... Arguably quite insightful!

We had a pleasure of having 2 guests tonight.

If you are thinking of starting sometning new, why don't you visit us to check?

[Number of guests] 2

[Word of the evening] Knock on wood (Touch wood)

[Table Topics]

Q1: Do you need April fools day, and why?

->MM: April fools day is necessary, because it makes the day enjoyable.

Q2: What is the most impressive thing about flower presents?

->KK: Chrysanthemum. Although it is used for funerals, it must be a great present for people passed away.

Q3: Which do you like; receiving or sending flowers, and why?

->HK: Receiving flowers, because she doesn’t have flowers in her home. (1:08)

Q4: How was the outing?

->SS: It was great, especially playing Jenga while drinking. (2:03)

[Prepared Speeches]


New Basic Manual Project #9:

Title: “Protection Inside“

Digest: Story of how to deal with problems using his story of car accident.


New Basic Manual Project #10:

Title: “Why do I make speeches?“

Digest: Questioning to the audience why we make speeches.

[Award Results]

Best Table Topic Speaker: KK

Best Evaluator: CH

Best Speaker: YT

[Pathways Introduction]

Guidance to Pathways by TI


15th April: Division Contest

28th April: Running Event

3rd May: Pathways Rollout

Interested? Visionaries Toastmasters Club always looks forward to having you in our meeting.

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