[Meeting Report ] #191 April 21

Post date: Apr 25, 2018 2:37:27 PM

Something unusual was about to reveal itself out of the darkness... Suddenly, the relentless beat, vigorous motions, and fluorescent trails filled the space. One person, joined by another, perfectly synchronized!! (First 3 photos) They call this "Otagei" (particular style of dance and cheering performance originated in Akihabara, Tokyo).

This opening enthusiasm carried over to our educational session that followed, and to the after-hour socialization party.

We had 2 guests tonight. Thanks for your time and interest.

[Number of guests] 2

[Word of the evening] Desperate

[Table Topics]

Q1: If you could change one thing of yourself, what would you change?

->AM: Her habit of leaving things until the last minute.

Q2: In the prisoner’s dilemma, which will you choose: to betray or keep silent?

->SK: He will choose to betray. Regardless of the result, he would not regret his decision.

Q3: When you make a choice, which do you put much value on: logic or intuition?

->MS: Intuition. She will follow her heart.

Q4: If you had enough money to live on for your whole life, would you choose to continue your job?

->Guest L: No. And, she will enjoy her hobbies. But first she needs to know exactly how much she has got.

Q5: What is the best or the worst choice you’ve ever made?

->Guest O: He hasn’t experienced either, but he’s looking for the best Toast Masters club to join.

[Prepared Speech]


New Basic Manual Project #2:

Title: “Enneagram“

Digest: Interactive speech to introduce the Enneagram.


New Basic Manual Project #7:

Title: “Magical Pressure Cooker“

Digest: Practical and academic speech about a high-pressure cooker.


(Advanced) Speaking to Inform Project #3:

Title: “Sight translation“

Digest: Demonstration of sight translation fully using his professional English skills.

[Award Results]

Best Table Topic speaker: AM

Best Evaluator: HK

Best Speaker: YS


28th April: Running event

3rd May: Pathways kick-off

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