[Meeting Report ] #196 July 7

Post date: Jul 18, 2018 1:11:04 PM

Meeting 196 Minutes

(8:00- 20:00 July 7 2018 @Room#1 Nakahara Shiminkan)

No of Members Attended: 13 No of Guests: 3

(Word of the evening)


(Table Topics)

Q1. What was your New Year resolution and how you evaluate it?

TM AA: To stay happy fit through yoga and make every people around him also happy and fit. (1:55)

Q2. What is the one word you use to describe past 6 months?

TM TK: He used the word break He had two major breaks in his life past 6 months. (2:40)

Q3.What was your biggest news in the half a year?

Guest KK: She has a big career change and she came back to Japan. (2:05)

Q4. What would you like to accomplish in the next six month?

TM MT: She wants to demolish an old apartment and rebuild the new apartment. (1:45) (Prepared speech)


Project: Path: innovative planning Level "Ice Breaker"

Title: "My days in Slovenia"

Epitome: Brief explanation of the country Slovenia. His life in Slovenia for 4 years in a new country how he learned English and with Pokémon he manages to make friends etc. (6:21)


Project: Path: innovative planning Level "Ice Breaker"

Title: "I am getting Rhythm"

Epitome: How brief explains his 50 years of life the journey from Hiroshima to Tokyo then to America then back to Tokyo every 10 years how his life changed and he found out a rhythm of his life. (5:24)


Project: Path: innovative planning Level "Ice Breaker"

Title: "Toastmasters Impression"

Epitome: As a Toastmaster how his one and half year journey helped recently in his work and can make a good presentation in front of people and won their heart. (6:00)


Project #9 new basic manual “Persuade with Power"

Title: "Criticism"

Epitome: How criticism affected her life at one point in time and how she overcome following simple steps to handle criticism easily. (6:38)

(Award Results)

.Best Table topic speaker: Guest KK

Best Evaluator: TM YS

Best Speakers: TM YT & TM SK