Our April meetings will be held in the morning time.

Post date: Mar 20, 2011 4:39:01 AM

Yesterday we held an officers meeting through Skype for the first time after the earthquake.

Balancing the current electricity outage / safety issues and the Club's role to meet people's needs to communicate each other, share their feelings and help them stay sound mentally, we decied to hold the meetings ** in the morning ** during April.

The details are shown below:

[Date&TIme] April 2, 2011 and April 16, 2011 10:00-11:30

* An optional self-paid lunch will follow the meeting.

[Place] Techno Kawasaki (near the Mizonokuchi Station)

* Please note that the meetings have the possibility of sudden cancellation in case of blackout or other issues that can affect safety of the participants.

We welcome the participation of guests and new membership after visiting us as usual.

As menitioned above, VTMC thinks that it is very important that we offer people in different situations the opportunities to communicate each other. As some other Clubs have not been and will not able to hold meetings for a while, participation from other Clubs (esp. English and bilingual Clubs) are also welcome. Please contact us beforehand (and roles you would like to take, if any) if you belong to another Club and would like to join our meetings as a TM guest.