(Slideshow is available!) The champion workshop ened with a big success!

Post date: Aug 1, 2010 2:44:00 AM

On July 31, our third meeting was held in Nakahara Shimin-kan, featuring a workshop by TM Kiminari Azuma, three-time all-Japan champion speaker. 26 people attended in total including three non-Toastmaster guests and 13 guests from other Toastmasters Clubs including Musashi-Kosugi, Yokohama, Kagayaki, Yamanote, Atsugi-Zama, Machida Bilingual and Nihonbashi Century. Among the non-Toastmasters guests, we welcomed a jounalist from Kanagawa Shimbun, the well-known prefectural newspaper. Prior to the workshop, we had an indution ceremony for three new members, TM T__hiro, TM Dar__na and TM K__ji. With the addition of three enthusiastic newcomers, we believe that VTMC will be a more lively learning place than ever!In the workshop entitled "How I write a speech?", first TM Azuma gave a lecture on speechwriting based on his experience and his "mantras". After that, the participants were divided into four groups and developed one speech per group through making discussions. The four speech titles were as follows:

"Acceptance Opens the Door" "Yesterday's Enemy Is..." "My Unforgettable Birthday" "Sunrise at the Summit of Mt. Fuji" The workshop slide is available from here.

After the workshop, a general evaluation was given by TM Gr__ce, and all the participating Toastmasters had the chance to state their comments in 30 seconds. At the closing session, Ms. Ko__e and Mr. Am__t declared their willingness to join. If they are to be inducted to our Club, we will need only 11 members before our Club gets officially chartered (recognized internationally as an official Toastmasters Club)! Overall the workshop was extremely well-received. A new member candidate even requested TM Azuma to make a workshop on speech delivery, which we already started planning in the very near future! TM Azuma, VTMC officers and new members of VTMC had an interview session from Kanagawa Shimbun after the meeting. We talked about various topics that surrounds business English skills improvement, including globalization and the need for the Japanese people to practice expressing their opinions in English to diverse audience, the industrial competition in the global market and how a place like Toastmasters could help Japanese companies train their managers and employees to adopt themselves to today's business environment. Our next meeting will be on August 7. Guests are more than welcome to come.Click here for more information about our meeting!Click here for making a reservation for visiting our upcoming meetings!