Visionaries Toastmasters Club #65 Meeting (Nakahara Shiminkan)

Post date: Mar 30, 2013 11:39:42 AM

Today's meeting included a special agenda which made it doubly exciting, because we had our in-house contest! The top 2 winners of the in-house contest will proceed to the Area 41 English speech contest to be held on March 23rd.

Our contestants for the day were:

1) TM Junko Miyauchi

2) TM Maki Matsumoto

3) TM Kotoe Mukoyama

TM Miyauchi gave us an insight to "The Value of Family Traditions" and how important it is for each family to establish their own unique family traditions. TM Matsumoto enlightened us on the difference it can make in our lives when we change our perspectives through her speech titled "The Thing You See". Through her speech "Things always have 2 aspects", TM Mukoyama brought us through the possibility of medical tourism in the future.

All of us were wowed by their speeches that day. It was especially interesting on how the contestants used different techniques taught in the Toastmasters Competent Communication Textbook to bring home their points to the audience. The judges had a difficult time trying to decide on the top 2 winners, but eventually TM Miyauchi and TM Matsumoto emerged as the winners of the VTMC in-house contest, which makes them eligible to represent VTMC in the Area 41 English speech contest. The in-house contest overall was very well-planned and well-coordinated by Contest Chair TM Ohashi. Well done, all!

From left to right: VTMC President TM Yasara, TM Matsumoto, TM Miyauchi, TM Ohashi

The second part of the meeting was our usual agenda of having members present their Prepared Speech. This section allows members to present their speech based on the objectives of the Project Number in the Toastmasters Competent Communication Textbook, and for members taking on the roles of Evaluators to give an evaluation on the speeches.

This time we had 2 Prepared Speakers, TM Oda and TM Peshala, who presented based on Project Number 1 "The Ice Breaker" and Project Number 8 "Get Comfortable with Visual Aids" respectively. TM Oda gave a very cheerful and lighthearted speech titled "My Contribution to VTMC" which allowed the audience to know more about her and what she wishes to bring to VTMC. TM Peshala gave a fabulous speech on "The Life Changing Magic Box" in which he very adeptly used visual aids that was simple, interesting to follow and very easy on the eyes. We certainly need TM Peshala to give another speech on how to use those visual aids ourselves!

TM Kobayashi and TM Katsuta were the Evaluators of their speeches, and towards the end of the session, the results of the votes on "The Best Prepared Speaker" and "The Best Evaluator" were announced - TM Peshala and TM Katsuta respectively. Congratulations to both of them!

From left to right: TMOE TM Kawabata, TM Katsuta, TM Peshala

After the meeting, everyone was looking forward to our usual post-meeting drinks together. Atmosphere was great, food was superb and company was fantastic!

From left to right: TM Ohashi, TM Matsumoto, TM Mori, TM Miyauchi, TM Kawabata,

TM Shimizu, TM Urano, TM Inagaki and TM Mukoyama

We're looking forward to the next round of meeting!