[Meeting Report ] #150 September 3rd.

Post date: Sep 8, 2016 8:32:37 AM

Meeting #150, the fifth meeting in this fiscal year was conducted.

It was a special meeting, not just because it was our 150th meeting but also because it was themed as a "Table Topic Festival". Precisely, the meeting witnessed 16 Table topics, 8, eight as part of the table topic contest and 8, as part of the regular educational portion. As part of the "Table Topic Contest" at Toast master District level(Japan) to be held at Hiroshima, the club level contest were conducted. It was chaired by TM R.F, with support of chief judge TM S.K TM Y.S, TM M.S and others.

"What is English for you ?" was the contest question and the eight contestants did put up a good show. TM Y.O, TM D.K, TM R.S, TM J.M, TM A.M, TM B.L , TM K.T and TM.Y.T did their best. TM J.M, TM R.S and TM Y.O were declared the 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. TM J.M and TM R.S will represent the club in the area contest to be held on October 2nd.

Considering the contest, the daily schedule was watered down to Table topic session alone. TM Y.T did the dual role of being the TMOE and the table topic master herself. Her theme was table topics and interestingly mixed general and specific aspects in her topics for each of the questions. TM Y.S, TM S.K and TM S.S did their roles of Ah counter, Timer and Grammarian respectively. The session was followed by an evaluation session from TM. ES. With her characteristic flavour she made it feel effortless but evaluation 8 speeches back to back was quite demanding though. TM S.K came up as the Table topic winner for the regular session.

The meeting then proceeded to an end with a presidential address, guest comments, and announcements from VPE as well as IPP. We are expecting much action to be unfolded in the coming months, Rookie contest being one of them, We are all excited about our summer lunch plan scheduled next week. As usual the socialization party was held and IPP announced the change in location of our favorite hangout place due to the expansion plans of the Authorities. Life is sometimes all about the change.

In short we hope meeting #150 qualified our president's vision of 24 quality meetings.

(by R.S)

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